Big Greek Salad





Introduction: Big Greek Salad

Let's jump right in. Start with any kind of local, fresh tomato. Heirloom, dry farm, plum, cherry... anything fresh works. Just don't use a supermarket baseball that is hard and mealy.

Step 1: Cukes

Cut up some nice cukes. Organic, local ones are best, but I'm more forgiving of supermarket cukes that tomatoes, if you peel off the skin.

Step 2: Onion Time

Fresh red onion, yah

Step 3: Olive

Olive time

Step 4: Feta Time

feta is the betta

Step 5: Mix With Oil, Vinegar, and Serve




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    4 Discussions

    Got some of this at the local deli yum!
    Made a big bowl today.
    Know what I'm eating all summer!

    Nice pictures; too bad winter is soon here. I'm looking forward to next season for fresh tomatoes and cucumbers.

    Great job! Your salad looks very tasty,
    I'm gonna have to make that myself, love that Greek food!