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This is my first entry for the TOY RODS AND CONNECTORS contest! so please give me a vote!

My latest KNEX creation is a KNEX Skid-Steer! It features a very heavy bucket made out of lots of wonderful metallic KNEX Parts! Also there is a nice little cab to keep you in control of this mighty machine!.

This uses some big KNEX wheels that I got for free when some one was giving away their old KNEX and Lego parts, what a steal!

I used a small amount of cord on the bucket arms so that I could raise and lower the bucket.

This model is based off a Caterpillar Skid-Steer but it is not a replica of one machine. Also note that it may look funny in the front with all the gears and other thing-a-ma-bobs but those are the ratchet mechanisms used to hold the bucket at different angles. Since KNEX does not have pneumatic parts like LEGO does it would be hard to get this to move.

I will not be posting instructions for this since I ran out of some parts and I was not able to complete this to the level that I wanted. This is my first attempt at a project like this so in the future I may make an updated version of this with a stronger design, better looks, and other features!

Thanks for checking out my Instructable. Please comment subscribe and Vote!

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    3 years ago

    Awesome job! I love outdoor pictures and the model itself. The seat for the driver is pretty cool to, just an all around great build!

    I would vote, but I don't know how to on my phone. I'll make sure to do it later though.

    I just finished taking Wreaktangle pics, so instructions should be up today. :)

    16 replies

    Thanks! i'm looking forward to your guns! also the grand prize is pretty epic think about all those black rods! and yellow connectors!

    Are you using the app or just your phones browser? if your go to the bottom of the instructables website and click full site then it lets you use more of the features.

    I use a tablet for when i'm building KNEX stuff off instructables so I can have the instructions right at hand when i'm building stuff so i know how it works on mobile devices.

    I know! The prize looks awesome, but it will probably go to some ball machine builder who already has thousands of pieces. :( I wouldn't be too surprised if you or I got a runner up prize though.

    The browser doesn't really work that well on my phone, so I use the app. I am using a computer now and the vote banner is not on this ible. It is not listed in the contest either. You might want to try entering again, or asking one of the folks in charge about it. :)

    That_Jamie_S_Guysonic broom

    Reply 3 years ago

    Sorry, just nosing through ibles, omfg that's a lot of k'nex. *dream comes true*

    That person has a ton don't you think. I was kind of just wondering how much KNEX you have? I don't really have that many about 8 KNEX tubs full

    CorgiCrittersonic broom

    Reply 3 years ago

    I have no idea. Probably about the same as you have, or a bit less.

    CorgiCrittersonic broom

    Reply 3 years ago

    I think it looks really cool. :)

    I have a machine pistol I might post, it has a faux green rod magazine, and a hidden yellow rod magazine, so it looks like it is a small caliber gun, but with the reliability of yellow rod ammo. I also managed to whittle the cut part needed down to just one.

    Thanks i'm working on a 2 shot gun with a 2 stage trigger Mech. it was going to have a sear trigger but that did not work out so it's just going to have a regular trigger. Also have you ever thought about making a modular gun those are pretty cool. also have you made the K2V2?


    I have not built it (I came pretty close one time though) but here is a review:

    Red says it only shoots a few feet, but he was shooting flat, and not angled. Ignore any complainants about the turret being slow to load, they are really fast with practice.

    I really don't build concept guns, I prefer semi performance, performance, and replica guns, but you might enjoy it.

    I have seen this review and i built most of it and then I ran out of parts now i have a lot more so i could make it now but i won't be building as much with KNEX this summer because there is a lot of work to be done and it will be very busy in the summer doing work.

    I am holding it right now. :)

    I have the into and stuff written, and will try to get the pictures taken and the ible published tomorrow.