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Introduction: Big Mac Hand Clapping Game

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This is one of those hand clapping games most of us grew up with in the 90s but that most youth today dont know so I decided to share it to bring it back in :) This one is meant for groups of people instead of just 2 people like most of these types of games are. The more people, the better. Theres is no limit to the number of players and it is a great filler game when you have a group of kids waiting on the next activity.

To play have all players form a circle in which everyone is facing the center of the circle. Everyone now lifts their hands palm up out to the players on either side of them. Each player places one hand under the hand of the player on their left and the other hand on top of the hand of the player to their right as shown in the photo.

When everyone is ready, one player starts the chant. When the chant starts, the player who started it uses his/her right hand to slap (not hard) the hand of the person to his/her left (the hand on top of his/her left hand) and then returns the right hand to its resting place on top of the hand of the player to the right. Once the next player's hand is slapped, they use that hand to slap the hand of the next person in the circle and so on. This continues until "5" is said.

The chant we use is this:
(I have no idea who made it up but that person is obviously a fan McDonalds)
"Big Mac, Fillet-a-fish, quarter pounder, french fries, icey cola, milk shakes, sundaes, and apple pies, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5."

When the chant reaches the number part, make sure the chant is timed so that each number corresponds with the slap of a hand. On 5 the person who is slapped is out. This can happen in 2 ways: the slapper hits the hand of the next person in which case the next person is out, or the next person removes their hand and the slapper hits their own hand, in which case the slapper is out. If the person removes their hand and the slapper does not slap, the person has to continously place their hand back on the slapper's left hand and remove it until one of the 2 players is hit. The slapper CANNOT slap the hand when it is not on their own hand (so you cant reach over and slap the hand when it is in the air)

The person who was hit on 5 is now out and leaves the circle. The remaining players close the circle and play continues until only 2 players remain. You can play again with only the 2 players to decide the winner, but we play a thumb war contest with the last 2 for victory. If you dont know what thumb war is, see the next paragraph.

Thumb war:
hold your right hand up, thumbs up style, then interlock your fingers with those of your opponent so that your thumbs face eachother in epic battle. Say your choice chant, for example: "1, 2, 3, 4, I declare thumb war, 5, 6, 7, 8, try to keep your thumb straight". At the culmination of the chant the war begins. Try to use your thumb to pin your opponent's thumb down for a count of 5 while not letting your opponent pin yours. The player who pins the other's thumb for 5 seconds is the winner.

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    Omg that takes me back!! Now you gotta help me with the one that has "shimmy-shimmy-cocoa-puffs-shimmy-shimmy-shy-ay..." And the double-Dutch jump rope song that starts "not last night but the night before 24 robbers came knocking at my door" (course my jump roping days were over the minute I grew into a D cup, hahahaha!! Thanks for posting this :-)


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    HAHAHA! Thanks for checking it out. I've never heard the robbers one. We did Ms. Mary Mac and Cinderella dressed in yella went up stairs to kiss a fella. I vaguely remember the cocoa-puffs one.