Big Minecraft Car: Week 1



Introduction: Big Minecraft Car: Week 1

You can involve yourself in electronics, computers, puzzles... there's a lot of creativity and br...

This starts the big project: Minecraft car This will be my first step by step instruction for the big minecraft car. This was created on Pocket edition.

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Step 1: Foundation

This car is made in the sky, only because it's easier to construct on an easier *surface* than using the uneven ground. Started off with raising a 25 block high tower, and built the main chassis of the car on top of that.

Step 2: Tyre Rims

The rims was the first thing to actually build on the foundation. I repeated this procedure 4 times.

Step 3: The Boot (English for Trunk)

The boot (trunk) is the next part: By Simply connecting the rims via a single line of blocks, this is what I built upon for the boot. Adding layer upon layer until they met with the rims.

Step 4: The Bonnet

Basically a repeat of the boot, but different shape obviously. Made it longer, but same and height.

Step 5: The "alloy" Wheels

The next part is the wheels: 5 long for the bottom, 4 for the sides, 3 for the top. Followed by a design of the alloys Inside. Repeat these 4 times within all the rims. FYI these might seem too small, so I may have to adjust.

Step 6: Finished Wheels

What it looks like after. I had to make on layer on the foundation to link the rims.

Step 7: Adding the Boots

Now to add on a boot. I used my imagination on this. Just needed one bumper, a license plate, an exhaust pipe, and a spoiler :P I forgot to add some rear lights so I should put them on the edges. Finally, add a layer that aligns with the end of the rear rims. This is to show the boundaries of the boot and the rest of the car.

Step 8: Inside of Boot and Rear Seats

The interiors of the boot are not specific since I won't see the inside of the boot. Cover in black and layer after layer. This will be used to support the back seats. Which are made up of grey and brown blocks. The rear windows are from the boot top, which had a staircase sort of layer that reached quite a height. Used glass blocks and not glass panels.

Step 9: Next Week!

Next week will be showing the construction of the bonnet. Plz comment and like :)

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