Big Phone Dash Mount


Introduction: Big Phone Dash Mount

Windshield phone mounts have never worked well for me. Typically, I like larger phones with bigger battery packs and the extra weight makes it difficult to find a good mount for the car. Even the "better" mounts have lots of vibration due to the extra bulk and weight of the phone. Something better had to be designed.

I did a fast and dirty test build prototype just to see how it would work in the real world. After some real world testing on bumpy roads I was impressed with how well it worked and held. This is a very solid mounting solution. It's also not permanent as it just uses a standard suction cup mount.

The suction cup mount was purchased on eBay. It's a Panavise mount and costs about $13. The wood was just inexpensive pine shelving and some scrap thin plywood for the cover. The cushion material in the mount that surrounds the phone is inexpensive foam window insulation.

I designed the mount in Inkscape and then had my CNC cut out the three pieces. However, this could certainly be cut with regular hand tools.

After making some changes to the prototype I build the unit, painted it black with some textured spray paint, and put it in the car.

The video shows the whole build:

Thanks for taking a look!



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    I sure hope a cop pulls you over a explains to you what obstructing your view means, and maybe gives you a ticket while he’s at it. How could anybody be is stupid as to putting something that big between him and the windshield?

    I feel the same sturdy wooden block will hit the occupants during fatal accident.

    I feel the same sturdy wooden block will hit the occupants during fatal accident.