Big Red Masco G45

Introduction: Big Red Masco G45

In this insructable you will build a mini motor powered by a D battery

Step 1: Supplies

  • Supplies needed:

2 paper clips

1 magnet

2 feet magnetic wire

1 D battery

1 elastic band

180 grit sand paper

Step 2:

Take the two paper clips and bend the ends to make a platform for your magnetic wire so sit on. Your paper should look like this

Step 3:

Next wrap the red wire around the battery to make a circle. The circle should be about the width of your battery. Using the slack, make two tag ends so that it can sit on the two paper clips.Then sand the red paint off the tag ends

Step 4:

Wrap the elastic around the battery the long way, so that the elastic touches the positive and negative terminals of the battery

Step 5:

Take the two paper clips and place them on the negative and positive terminals of the battery. Use the elastic to hold the paper clip in place on the terminals.

Step 6:

Place the magnet on the battery just under your red wire this will help propel the wire in a spinning motion

Step 7: Trouble Shooting

If your project doesn't spin try moving the magnet

Also try to spin the wire on the paper clip to provide a boost

Remember you can always cut the tag ends of the red wire to make it sit better on the paperclips

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