Big Screen Easel Stand

Introduction: Big Screen Easel Stand

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This project was designed to hold a 40 to 50 some odd inch big screen flat TV. I made 4 of them for Wii challenge event where we wanted to set up 4 Wii machines, have some fun, then take everything back down.

Here are the materials and price estimates from Home Depot March 2014. Obviously, they don't sell tiny segments of boards, so if you don't have access to some scrap pieces your price will go up by a little.

1x4 6' - 4ea. @ $3.29
2x4 16" $0.52
1x2 7" $0.29
8" Hinge $6.77
2' of 3/8" braided nylon rope $0.92
#10 3/4" Wood screw - 8ea. $0.41
#8 1-1/4" Wood screw - 24ea. $1.74
#10 2-1/2" Wood screw - 4ea. $0.71
$24.52 total

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Step 1: Assembly

Use the #8 x 1-1/4 wood screws to assemble the legs and cross braces. The 1 x 4 Center Piece should be cut to 67-1/4". The two legs should be left at the full 6' as purchased with a 10 degree angle cut on both ends to form a parallelogram. The two legs will end up at a 10 degree angle each when assembled - this can be achieved during assembly by using the top brace set even with the top and the bottom brace as low as it will go and still have its top corners aligned with the edges of the legs. The middle brace is positioned at the height where its top corners are aligned with the two legs. I used two screws set diagonal to each other on each end of each brace (so 4 screws per brace)

The brace lengths are 32-3/8", 23-7/8" and 13-3/8" respectively.

The TV holding posts are made from a 2 x 4 cut to 4" with 1 x 2 cut to 4-1/4" screwed to the front with two #10 2-1/2" screws each. The surface on which the TV will rest is 32" above the floor (this was somewhat arbitrary). I mounted one side first using a level on the long side to get it pretty close, then set a level across both posts and marked the location of the second so that when done, the TV would sit very level horizontally.

The Wii platform is 1/2" plywood cut to 6-1/4" by 8-1/2". Underneath the Wii are 4 pieces of 2x4 cut to 2-1/2" long with a 10 degree cut on the mounting surface so that the platform will be level when it is slid onto the bottom brace.

The hinge is assembled with the 8 #10 3/4" screws. I just put the center leg flush with the underside of the top brace and attached the hinge across the two.

The holes for the roper were drilled using a 3/8" spade bit. The hole on the cross brace is centered on the width of the board and the one on the back leg is just visually aligned with the front hole. When the rope is fully extended, it is 23-1/2" long - so allow enough to tie the knots to hold it in place. I used a figure 8 knot for some added bulk.

Step 2: Assembly

Assemble as shown in the photos. I will provide key measurements in the next couple of days. When completed, this easel will stand at a 10 degree tilt and is designed with a Wii platform at the base.

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