Big Sparks With Flyback Transformer (it Shocked Me)

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In this video i show my homemade flyback driver, which makes big arcs. Now i was using my powerful power supply because it draws about 8 Amps. In internet everywhere i read about this driver it uses 2 Amps, 24-30V but it draws 8A at 12v. So if i would rise voltage up to 24V amps draw would climb higher because of higher voltage and lower resistance. The arc is about 6cm. In my first flyback video i got about 6mm now i get 6cm so i reached my point, to create high voltage power supply. Since my transistor doesn't work i will buy new and build an enclosure for driver. If you like this video then thumbs up and Subscribe! By the way it shocked me may be it's static electricity because i was holding positive wire of flyback's secondary winding. Please support me on patreon i will make better instructables and videos.



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