Big Wooden Robotic Dinosaur

The Giant Wooden Robotic Dinosaur is in charge of city
Security in Oita City of Japan, the only terrible problem with this
Is the sound of walking and the motor,
There are 100 of these in different cities of Japan walking around :)

Samimy Productions Presents

Big Wooden Robotic Dinosaur
Walks In Oita City Of Japan

Weight- 1500Kg
Speed- 2m/s

Electrical Motor Power -- 100 Horse Power

AAAAA Size MU-50
750 Volts DC

Purpose of Making:
City Security

June 27th 2011

GS Effects at
Samimy Lab & Studio

Copyright of Samimy-Productions

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    5 Discussions


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    THe robot would be about 15cm tall, the motor is a standard basic hobby kit motor and they are about 2cm in diameter (widest)and 4cm long:)


    7 years ago on Introduction

    THere are a few problems with this:
    1: There is a green outline around the robot, so it was obviousally a green screen.
    2: Those gears would be about 2m big, and then would not be made out of plastic.
    3: The screwes are way to large, they would be about 30cm wide.
    4: The wires would be about 15cm wide, which is way to thick for 750volts.
    5: The motor would weigh way to much, the whole thing would collaspe.
    6: The frame wouldnt be made out of wood.

    Alltogether the robot would weigh, way to much. Each screw would be roughly 50kg, the wire about 200alltogether. THe motor a few 100kg, the frame another few 100kg. The gears aswell a few 100kg and i havents even started to add all the parts:)

    Nice try, but i guess it didnt work:)
    Have a good day


    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is ridiculous. And awesome. Got any details on the dino-build? We'd love to read them.