Big Bow Shoe Shoes




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pretty pink bows adorn your toes in these glitzy numbers. you'll need about an hour to get them done.

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Step 1: Materials and Tools

You're going to need: fabric glue, sequins, scissors, ribbon, material and some shoes.

Step 2: Sequin Them Beauties!

Work in rows, run a generous line of glue around the edge of the shoe. My sequins are strung so easily stick in a neat line. Just keep layering up the sequins with a slight overlap like the boards o a boat. I left a patch that would be covered by the bow later, meaning my fabric would stick to fabric, rather than sequins.

Step 3: Bow-ti-full

Cut a rough bow shape and glue the edges back onto themselves to keep a neat edge. Clamp it while it dries, i used bulldog clips. Scrunch one end and wrap it in ribbon, glue the end and clamp againto dry.

Step 4: Glue on the Bows

Each shoe gets half a bow so when your feet are together you get the whole picture. Be generous with your glue!

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