Big Gift, Big Gift...Little Gift?

Introduction: Big Gift, Big Gift...Little Gift?

I do this every time we give away presents to family. I take a small gift and put into box after box until it becomes huge and they think it is a big gift. You can imagine how shocked they are when they find out it’s that Elgin watch they wanted! t’s always funny because some people I actually do have a big gift for. That way, nobody ever knows which gift is the prank gift. Also, they never know how tiny the gift is. I love this because it throws off people who shake gifts and try to guess what their presents are before time.

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Step 1: The Stuff You'll Need

Collect as many boxes as you want. The more, the funnier. Also, get gift wrap and a few bows, with scotch tape and scissors. And some newspaper.

Step 2: Gettin' to It

Put the gift in a box the right size for the real gift. Wrap it all nice-like, and then put it into a too-big box. Spread newspaper so it doesn’t rattle when you shake it. Varnish with bow. Repeat.

Step 3: Wait for It..

When you are satisfied, put it in a tantalizing place, with the other correctly-sized gifts. Wait for the laughter when your joke is revealed!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Your instructable is written well :] I understood the idea and can easily imagine everything.
    I would simply explain things in more detail (although this concept is pretty siple enough) and include a touch on how to wrapping. Adding bullets make things more readable for the "lazy reader" and makes your images more eye catching to the text. And dont forget, the more pictures you post the less questions a reader will have!

    Good job on the 'idble :] and happy crafting!