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Hello everyone.. here we are not clicking big moon and our landscape in one frame, but we will be clicking both separately and then merging them together in photoshop to get the desired effect..And If u r new to photoshop, dnt get afraid, it is a very simple and detailed explanation about how to do so.

Good photography of moon,, few important tips and tricks..

First of all I would like you to know some important points for good photography of the moon..

1. Choose a suitable lens, which is 200mm or larger.

2. You probably already know that the best times for outdoor photography are the early morning and twilight hours, known as the golden hour. The same applies to photographing the moon. You want to catch the moon as it is rising above the horizon. That’s when you can frame it with other elements in the image like buildings, mountains, and clouds.

3. It is important to keep the camera as still as possible for a moon shot. A tripod is ideal, especially with the long focal length of the lens. However, if you're out walking at night and haven't managed to take along a tripod, rest on a rock, fence, car, etc. for stability.

4. Exposure time should be short and it's usually best to photograph the full moon.

5. Take more photos.Review if possible. If you have a digital camera with a clear screen of each shot, try to see which ones have worked best after you take them.

6. Good moon photography isn't just about the settings. It's also about focusing on the angles, the different times of night, or incorporating landscape features.

The moon is a wonderful object to photograph. Try it at your place tonight!


basic operation of camera

Things Required:

1) Camera

2) Computer with photoshop installed

3) Some Creativity and the most important thing

4) Instructables ;)

1. First, take a photo with the moon properly exposed with the rest of the image black and a night landscape photograph. Now after getting a good shot of Moon and a clean landscape of Night City, open both the images in your Photoshop.

Step 1: My Moon Image Captured With Nikon L110

This is image i will be using in this tutorial.

Step 2: Quick Selection Tool

Open moon picture and click on 4th option from top available on left side panel Quick selection tool (located in the corner of the box).

Step 3: Select Moon

After taking Quick Selection tool you have to click on moon and drag your mouse while holding left click to select complete moon

if you selected extra part you can hold ALT button + click or drag mouse to unselect unwanted part.

Step 4: Create New Layer

You can create new duplicate layer from right bottom corner Layer panel

you have to look for background layer then right click on background and select duplicate layer

then a popup will appear click OK button

Step 5: Refine Selection Edges

Now click Refine Edge button on top below top menu

Step 6: Edge Refinement

then you have to adjust edges of moon by dragging Radius, Smooth, Feather, Contrast

do not change shift edge it will broaden moons edges with black outline

Then click OK

Step 7: Copy Moon Selection

To copy moon selected area

press CTRL+C or EDIT Menu >> Copy

Step 8: Open City Image

Open second image where you have to add big moon

by dragging or

File >> Open >> Select Image >> open

Step 9: Paste Moon

Now paste Moon by CTRL + V or Edit >> Paste

if moon size is too lage or small then press Ctrl + T to get free Transformation Tool and edit by dragging sides.

Tip: continue pressing the "shift " key to keep the proportions of moon constant, while dragging it(or changing its size)

Step 10: Final Result

This is our final result of complete editing.

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    3 years ago on Step 6

    Easy to follow steps! Great screen captures and end result.


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    It's not cheating, it's how it's done. The human eye is amazing and can distinguish more shades of lightness and darkness than most cameras can record. Using this method is the equalizer by overcoming camera weaknesses. Besides, in the old days, you'd be amazed how much darkroom magic was done to get a good print. I don't know of any photographer who hasn't dodged or burned parts of their prints to get desired results. Photoshop is the new darkroom.


    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    beautiful? yes... but choosing one element and combining it w/ another outside the help of a camera isnt photography. It might as well be called layouting, photo manipulation. Photoshop isnt the new darkroom (Lightroom is) But this is an art... its well appreciated.


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    True, I agree, I did not try to offend you though. Thanks for explaining and it was a good merge.. BTW don't you think the moon is a little wider? May be its just my eyes.



    4 years ago

    This would be great if I could actually get a nice moon photo...


    4 years ago

    That looks nice!