Big Spider With Wire





Introduction: Big Spider With Wire

About: did u like my work 0:)

big spider 20/20 centimeters with with wire atacking a person

Step 1: Construction

pint ur wood where u will put ur spider

Step 2: Like This

like this

Step 3: Put

put ur spider



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    3 Discussions

    Hi toufik bth1! Love your spider devouring man! Have you made any new work since the Black Widow here? Would luv to see it.


    thnx but sorry i have no details because when i finished the work i descover this site so i didn't take shots for the work befor i finished but next time i will share the dtails :)

    Ooh, very cool! And kind of creepy! I'm going to have nightmares of being attacked by a giant metal spider now. Thanks a lot. :)

    Hey, can you share some details on how you made this?