The New and Improved Chopstick Crossbow




Introduction: The New and Improved Chopstick Crossbow

All you need is:
hot glue
masking tape
zip ties
a clothes pin
wooden stake
and a skewer

Step 1: The Stock

Cut the stake to a twenty inch length and add a handle.

Step 2: The Bow

Take 3 chopsticks and arrange them like the photo.

Step 3: Trigger Time!

take your clothespin and attach it like this and glue 2 connected chopsticks like this for a rail (Do Not Put The Straw That Was An Old Version)

Step 4: The String

cut your rubber band and secure it like so

Step 5: The Ammunition!

take your skewer and file notch in the back then make fetching with your tape.

Step 6: Your Done!!

BE SAFE do not shoot at any living or dead things.  I am not held liable or responsible for your actions!!!!!



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    7 years ago

    The image notes are a little too big for my liking. I really can't see the objects they are covering, especially in the first picture. I really like this instructable, it's easy and cheap and doesn't need anything fancy! :)

    3 replies

    thanks! I will change the notes.

    Sorry everybody, I have Totally redone this. I had encountered a problem and had to keep emailing instructibles to fix it. I am very sorry for this massive inconvienece.