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If you have a motorcycle from a non-mainstream manufacturer, it can be difficult to get promotional wear. With this Instructable I intend to help redress this in some small way, by using a tank badge to create a belt buckle.

This one buy the way states IMZ in cyrillic , the manufacturer of Ural motorcycles in the old Soviet union.


Step 1: Parts

1x Bike tank badge (metal is best)

1x P clip

1x D ring

1x m4-10mm brass screw

1x m4-15mm brass screw

2x m4 brass washers

1x m4 brass nut

1x m4 brass dome nut

Step 2: Belt Attachment Assembly

Pass the D ring through the P clip.

Step 3: Buckle Assembley

Place the 10mm screw through the hole on the left side off the badge, add the p clip washer and dome nut. Rotate the p ring and tighten dome nut.

Step 4: Belt Tang Assembly

Pass the 15mm screw through the remaining hole, add washer and nut, and tighten.

Step 5: Finished Buckle

Just attach to your belt, and wear with pride!

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2 years ago

когда-то ездил на Урале. хороший мотик.

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Reply 2 years ago

Thank you for your comment, unfortunately I cannot read your language.