Bike Box


Introduction: Bike Box

In this instruct able I will show you how I made a box that I can do tricks on and off out of OSB and some 2x2 posts.

Step 1: Prep and Cutting Wood

First get the tools you will need ( circular saw and something to cut the wood on.) I wore sunglasses as eye protection but any other eye protection will do.

I wanted to make my box 16 inches tall, 2 feet wide and 6 feet long.

Next I cut enough wood from the posts to make two boxes or frames - one for each end.

Step 2: Make the Frames for Each End

For the frames I hammered a two foot piece of wood onto two 1 foot pieces at a 90 degree angle.

next I added a piece between the two bottom posts to hold it all together.

Step 3: The Plywood

I then cut a piece of OSB which was two feet by six feet and fastened it onto the frames.

I then added two pieces of wood post in the middle of the OSB at a 90 degree angle towards the ground and then fastened them in place.

Step 4: Finishing

I then added two slabs of 6 foot long by 16 inches tall OSB into the side and fastened them with nails.

Now you can grab your bike and have some fun.

It you are a BMX rider you can also wax the corners or edges to make them good for grinding!



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    is it jack that i know from regina?

    strictly speaking the sheet material you've use is called OSB (oriented strand board) not plywood.

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    no problem, cool idea. loads of alternative uses.