Bike Cam MK3




This is my third attempt at making a camera mounting system for my bicycle, constructed using parts from a satellite dish and some extra hardware.

I had a few goals in mind that I felt other designs didn't address well:

* Camera needs to be mounted to the frame for stability, handle bar mounts are too shaky
* The camera should be mounted where it has a clear view
* The closer the camera is to the ground, the more exciting the footage will be
* Should be sturdy enough to support large cameras

Here is a video of the mount in action:

1:00 - Going fast
3:30 - Avoiding pedestrians
4:00 - Riding down stairs (!)
7:00 - A little too close



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    ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!!! I have tried many mounts in many locations on my bike, but yours has the best result I have seen in a homemade system EVER!!! I love its simplicity, steadiness, and how it made me cringe a few times with it's "up-close-and-personal" views of the concrete landscapes! LOVE IT! I don't have the same supplies, but some very similar tubing, hardware, and a drill. I FOUND MY WEEKEND PROJECT!!! Thank You. BTW, got my vote!

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