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I added some oomph to my bicycle helmet's safety. Hopefully this will prevent any actual use of the helmet's safety features. If you're interested in doing this kind of project, I highly recommend cutting the shapes out of paper first so that you can trim them exactly to shape without wasting the reflective tape.

I used:

red/red tape
black/white tape

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    3 years ago

    3M the band producer, says that the adhesive is safe for using on

    any product. we've used 3M tapes for our product.

    check it out.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I thought about doing this to my helmet as well, but then I came across this article: which basically says there is a potential for the adhesive chemicals to degrade the foam.

    I think it'll be better if you first use something like the scotch removable tape as the first layer then stick the reflective tape over them... and it would even better if the tape is actually on the plastic shell instead of the polystyrene foam.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Like your idea of first making a template. I did this to my helmet, but it came out messy. A template would have been the best way to start.

    Crazy looking helmet you got there. I just put a simple triangle on the back of my own. I like the "try it with paper first" idea. Especially considering how the warped shape of the helmet does weird stuff to flat stuff like tape.

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