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Bike inner tubes used to be one of those useless items that just ends up in the trash. But now, thanks to people becoming aware of the environment and pollution it is one of the top recycled item.

Up cycling inner tubes into bags and clothing accessories are some ideas. I love doing green projects and really enjoyed making these chic and very trendy jewelry. It's very easy to do and very kid friendly.

Step 1: Materials


Bike inner tube.

Some lids to cut circles


Drop beads with side holes( if you cant find them, no issues. I'll show you how to make them as I couldn't find them)

20 AWG wire

Media sized Bead

Closure ( or you can make your own like this )

Step 2: Petal Neclace

Split your inner tube and wash it well.

Now draw circles that are about 1/2" longer than your drop beads and cut.

If you don't have drop beads, you can always make your own. Take head pins. Insert your beads through and make a loop on top. Flush cut excess wire off. Now that would be the normal method :-). As I did not have head pins with me at the time of this instructable I improvised. I did not add another tiny bead as I really wanted only to have a single bead. So this is how I did it.

Make the smallest loop you can using your needle nose plier. Now keep slightly less than the length of the bead and cut off wire. Dab a bit of hot glue along the wire and slip your bead in! That's it :-) ( as my kids would say ' easy peasy lemon squeezy' )

Now cut a piece of wire extra long as you don't want to be short later. Make a small loop at one end. This is temporary, just to prevent the beads coming off one end.

Fill with 6 black beads. Now take a cut circle and using an awl or quilling tool punch 2 holes in the top as shown in picture. Pass wire through one hole then insert your drop bead and then pass through the other hole. Fill again with 6 black beads and repeat till you finish your drop beads or till you get your required length. Make sure to push beads while you make each petal so that the drop bead's loop is concealed. Now fill both ends equally with 6 black beads and 1 blue bead sequence till you get your final length. Make a loop and wrap wire down, making sure the beads are nice and snug. Add as 'S' hook or you could also tie with a ribbon. Alternately you could also make your own closure as indicated in step 1.

Step 3: Cut Out Petal Neclace

This is a slight variation of the previous necklace.

Fold the cut circles in half and cut an inner circle. Save the scrap. You can make something else with it. ( I know what I want to's just that I want to put this instructable up soon :-) else I would have included that too!)

Now make a loop in one end. Do it the same way as you did making the closure.

You could use your awl tool to poke holes like previous step or if you don't have that you could cut the other end with a wire cutter so that it would be very sharp. You can poke through the tube this way too...perhaps you would need a little bit of elbow grease here :-).

Now pass a large oval bead through wire. Then prick a bit below top in the petal. Insert a small bead and then poke wire through the other side of petal. It is clear in the picture how it's done :-). Repeat the sequence till you get the required length. Push tight and so that all are nice and tight. Make the hook part of the closure. You are done!

Doesn't it look wonderful??

Step 4: Color Variations!

I had fun playing around with picart, so the result is the color variations you see!

Let me know what you think! I love hearing from you :-)

This instructable is so eligible for so many contests. So i shall try and put it up for as many as I can. Please give me your vote if you like it!


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