Bike Light

Instruction for the creation of a simple rear bike light that produces a warm red glow made out of common parts.


4 bright red LEDs

2 330ohm resistors

rigid copper wire

metal cap of champagne/prosecco/cava bottle

allen bolt and nut

metal wire

3D printer

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Step 1: 3D Print

the light is made out of 3 printed parts:

the body (behuizing)

a ring that holds the 4 leds in place

the lid (deksel)

Step 2: Assembly

a copper wire mounted between the light and the fender picks up the electrical connection to the dynamo

an allen bolt fixes the body to the fender

the metal cap can be inserted after fixing the body

next comes the ring with the leds and the electical connections, soldered according to drawing

the lid is fixed by two metal wires twisted around the sid extensions of the body & lid

Step 3: Drive Safe Thru the Night

the light produces a warm red glow. as the body is partially translucent it also lights up.

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