Bike Maintenence: Put a Bike Chain Back on After It Falls Off and Prevent It From Happening Again!




I'm sure almost everyone of you out there who has a bike have had the chain come off once or twice when you were riding. I made this instructable to show you how to put it back on and prevent it from happening again.

Step 1: Flip Bike Over

Rest bike on handlebars and bike seat to make it easier to access and put the chain back on the gears.

Step 2: Putting Chain Back On

Start by putting the chain around the small gear on the rear axle of the bike. Next, place some of the chain on the around the big gear by the pedals on the side facing the seat. (This side should be facing down since the bike is upside down.)  Keeping one hand on the chain to guide it, slowly start pedaling the bike. This should fully put the chain back on both gears.

Step 3: Preventing the Problem

Step 1: Loosen bolts on rear axle
Step 2: Pull back wheel until chain becomes taught. 
Step 3: Make sure wheel is straight or else bike may wobble when riding.  
Step 4: Tighten bolts on rear axle.

Step 4: Finish

If you made it to this step, then you have successfully put your chain back on your bike. Good job and happy riding!

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4 Discussions


2 years ago

I will try it, don't have the money to fix it hope this works. Thanks!


3 years ago

This really really really worked i have used this and it works great woooooo freaking whooooooo


3 years ago

Thank u very much worked like a charm!!!!!!

THANKYOU SO MUCH! It's currently midnight at the moment and I couldn't risk waking my parents. So I've got my bike in the middle of my kitchen got my chain untangled then spent twenty minutes trying to get the blasted thing on then I found this!! Cheers!