Bike Mounted Phone/Device Holder Via Aluminum Can




This is a simple phone holder I put together one day on my way out the door. Really it could be useful for holding any sort of electronic device such as GPS or any other object.

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Step 1: What You Need

  - Knife

  - Can (in which your desired device should fit.)
  - Cloth
  - Padding Material
  - Tape or Rubber Bands
  - Cable Ties

Step 2: Cut Can and Insert Padding/cloth

Cut a hole in the can to the desired size so that the screen of your device will show. I did this by inserting my phone and taking note of the general width and height required to expose the screen and buttons.

Insert enough padding to keep the device very snug in the can. Mine is snug enough that the can can be flipped upside-down and shaken without the phone coming out.

Line the pocket where the phone sits with the cloth, use it to cover up sharp edges that my scratch the phone or you!

Although mine works fine without it, using some glue to help secure the padding and cloth wouldn't be a bad addition.

Step 3: Attach Cable Ties and Secure to Bike

Poke two sets of holes in the back of the can through which the cable ties are inserted. 

Use the cable ties to secure the can to the bike.

I hope yours looks less out of place than mine does! I think I'm going to try painting it.

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    Thanks, as an update it's still attached and working fine. Usually I use it to see how fast I'm going via Google Tracks. It still looks out of place as a ton of people ask what it's for.