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Introduction: Bike Part Bottle Opener

Hey everyone, thanks for reading my instructable! So now that summer is in full swing, its time for all of your outdoor activities to get in full swing. One of my outdoor favorite activities is riding my bicycle. After any activity outside, it is nice to sit back, relax, and enjoy a cold drink. Unfortunately my bike chain and rear derailleur decided that they no longer wanted to be a part of my bike and got broken off. I decided to take the opportunity to use the parts to make something useful. I decided to make a bottle opener after seeing something similar online.

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Step 1: Required Materials

For this project you only need some basic tools and some old bike parts. I would recommend you spray your parts with WB-40 or something similar to remove some of the excess grease and to be able to work with the parts a bit easier.


  • Hammer
  • Pliers
  • Punch or thick nail
  • Dremel tool with cutting and grinding heads.
  • Drill
  • Metal plate with a hole
  • Marker
  • Metal file


  • Bike chain
  • Rear derailleur

Step 2: Remove the Rivets From the Chain

Depending on what type of chain you are working with, the difficulty of removing rivets from the chain will vary. Some chains will come apart quickly with little problem, some will take several heavy swings with the hammer (unfortunately, mine was the later). First get an idea of how large you want the handle of the opener to be and mark the number of links to get the correct size. To break apart the chain, you will put the link of the chain on the metal plate over the hole. Place your punch or nail over the rivet to be removed. Make sure you are punching out the correct rivet before you start hammering. Give the punch/nail a couple hits until the rivet pops out. You can use the pliers to pull the rivet out from the other side as well. Hang on to the spacers from the middle, we will be using them later.

Step 3: Mark Your Derailleur Opener

For this step, use your marker to outline where you want your opener to be and its shape.

Step 4: Cut the Derailleur

Using the dremel tool, cut the derailleur along your line. You don't need to be overly worried about a super smooth and eve cut, its gonna get ground down in the next step. You can hang on to the other side of the derailleur if you want to make another opener.

Step 5: Clean Up the Cuts

Use the grinding head to grind down where you made your cuts. You can create some straight lines or you can keep the curves of the derailleur. I wanted to keep some of the rounded areas to keep the components looking like bike parts.

Step 6: Drill the Handle Pinholes

Find a spiral drill that is about the same size as your rivets. Drill a hold in the opener for the rivets. You can drill two holes in the handle to sit a little differently. I used the old hole in the opener since it put the handle at a location for good leverage.

Step 7: Prep Spacers and Assemble

The old spacers from the chain are just a tad bit too big to fit on the rivets. I took the spacers and filed them down ever so slightly so everything would fit. Place the opener on the rivets and the spacers on and then move the other side of the link to close the chain link. Use the hammer to tap the rivets back into place.

Step 8: All Finished!

Clean up any grease that left on the chain. After that, enjoy a nice cold drink with the new unique bottle opener. Thanks for reading!!

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    4 Discussions


    4 years ago

    People in the world call that a chain.

    Rys Lee
    Rys Lee

    4 years ago on Step 8

    Very unique and awesome idea


    4 years ago

    great job.....if I may make another suggestion...instead of having to file down the might drill the hole in the derailer a little larger to accommodate the spacers. That way when you torque the bottle opener....the stress will be on the strongest part of the chain instead of taking a chance of bending the link guides.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Pretty cool idea! (I have a few 'ibles on bottle openers and bike parts as well) Keep up the good work!