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This is a 'drop in plug' method for attaching the mallet to the shaft. What's Bike Polo?

This system is by Ewoud Bras who has started making and selling complete shafts in Belgium under the name Bike Polo Gear Europe...

When I got back from Europe last month... I saw Dustin doing the same thing with a little different hardware here:

All the details are in the pictures.

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Step 1: Euro Method

The Euro model uses a 6mm bolt and a brass insert... here is the site again.. I think it was about 15 euros for the shaft and mallet...

Even thought the 6mm bolt is only slightly smaller than the US 1/4" bolt/insert , the brass insert fits better in the shaft than the equivalent 1/4"  drop in inserts available in the US.... you might be able to cut the shaft higher but I decided not to at this time...

I found an old link to an EBAY site that was selling these brass inserts as Molly Brass Wall Plugs.. 

Molly Part # m53610. M6 x 24mm x10.

Step 2: US Equivalent

The US equivalent inserts that accept a 1/4" bolt.. they are slightly larger than ideal...

The inserts slide down into the tapered ski pole.. but because they are larger than the euro insert.. it requires a slightly longer bolt... this adds a little weight.. albeit not much... but slows down reaction time...

The US insert slides into a 3/8" hole.. on both styles there is a small lip on the insert that I grinded off... you'll understand when you get one...

Step 3: Add the Mallet

The EU mallet heads are thin walled HDPE... they are more durable than the cheap and freely available ABS... (plastic waste and vent pipe)

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Great Instructable - I'm interested to see how these hold up. It opens up a lot of options for drilling out mallet heads!

    1 reply

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I'v not blown through the mallet yet... but well on my way... probably make it through the Desert Invite...


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Forget polo, this is going to be my back up weapon if my .40 runs out of ammo!