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Introduction: Bike Tube Leatherman Sheath

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My favorite tool is my 20-year-old Leatherman Pulse, bought in San Fransico as a student. For years I had it in the original Leatherman sheath, the one in fabric. But I wanted to have it horizontally in my belt. After a bit of testing, I came up with this idea, using old bike tubes. They are flexible and easy to work with. And as you'll see, easy to assemble. Here we go:

Step 1: Size and Fit…

You need the right size tube. I've collected tubes for a while so I found two. 1 for the inner case to hold the Leatherman and the second to be the outer sleeve for the belt. I used a round metal plate to serve as my cutting guide (the dimensions for this guide depends on your knife size).

Step 2: Belt Opening…

For the outer tube, you need to make one cut for the belt to pass through. Make two holes where the cut starts and ends to prevent a tear. Use a small piece of wood when cutting through the tube, slide it inside the tube.

Step 3: Close One End…

For the Leatherman to stay in the sleeve you must close up one end. Make sure the needle is ok with piercing through 4 layers of tube. Choose a thread color and hit the pedal on your sewing machine. Make a few passes back and forth, almost done!

Step 4: The Lock Fold…

Final steal ready! Position your fold so it covers the opening, make a hole and attach the button. Since the Leatherman is magnetic I've used a strong rare earth neodymium magnet with a hole in it. It attaches really well to my tool. Click, you're done!

Step 5: Reuse Before You Recycle…

I'm really happy with my bike tube Leatherman sheath. If you have a suggestion to doing it differently please let me know. I'd also love to see more uses of old bike tubes.


PS I have of course watched Jimmy and Adam's Leatherman sheath videos, but mine is better:-)





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Just checked out the Baggage Net, very nice. I've used tubes for handles and padding when making boxes.

Thanks for giving this a go. You got my point of having the knife aligned with the belt and somehow "disappear":-)

Have a good week!

I think the net idea opensa lot of possibilities as it allows to convert any "tube form" material into something close to fabric. I'm thinking of making some garden chairs out of this.

That's a great idea! I'll experiment as well:-)

Maybe try a metal sealing instead of sewing ? With like 2 or 3 pointy teeth. Some belts are ending with this technique. Haven't tried yet but if I do I'll share images.

If knife insertion is difficult, add talc inside !

This solves two problems I have. I need a new a new case for my Leatherman and I have a surplus of old tire tubes.

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Just like me:-) I'd love to see if you end up making one! Cheers

The latch is clever. Is it a rivet clothing snap? How is the magnet attached? Are they easy to get? Thanks.

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Yeah, I was really happy with the latch, saves one operation:-) I just use the front of a nap on button (not sure if they have a name). So all you need is a magnet with a hole and then run the front button through it. I'll add urls in the last step. Cheers!