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About: i am 16 year old,soon 17, kid . i am from Serbia . I am now 2nd grade in High School and i like making simple things because i am learning through that. i am really interested in electronics, bikes, and fishing

For all you bike lovers, who hate dirty chains, for everybody who love clean chine,shifters that tun smoothly this is for  you

All of you know for 3d bike chain cleaner , half of you already have it and half of you dont want to spend money on that.
this is for ou

building this tool is really simple, just take bottle and cut it on half, bottom half save
make vertical cut for your chain and thats it,.
put  1inch of degreaser and place tool onto the rear derailuer jockey wheel.
and just  run pedals opposite to cloockwise

see pictures...

oh yes, almost forgot, run pedals for 2-5mins, then take water and just  wash chain and  cassette (because gasoline can take out plastic) , after washing use clean rag and just drive chain through it....after  that  use your oil (best oil is from bike shop,that they use on all bikes)  lube your chain, and then use again rag for taking off rest of oil.....
good luck, hope you are enjoying my bed english and terrible instructions:D

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    6 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Every time I go to this website it's not helpful now I i'm here because I need my bike chain fixed and it's not saying how you fix it. So this is not helpful at all. I will give you 2 more chanches and if you don't be helpful you will loose all of your website visitors. UNDERSTAND?????? So be helpful and nice all the times please. If you think i'm saying this in a mean way i'm not.


    6 years ago

    wd 40 is great for everything.....expect bikes. you can use it but watch out, i prefer oil solvent or petrol(gasoline also), it cleans everything in just 2 minutes,if i steel hear sand i just dry chain with rag,and then again pedal through this....after that i use MOTIP oil, which is nice and bike service where i take my bike use this can choose method that you think is best. i showed this because people like me just dont want to spend money for that tool,and they are laizy for old fashioned tooth brush and petrol


    6 years ago

    you can use wd 40 but after wash it and put grease or spray for chain

    2 replies

    Reply 6 years ago

    wd 40 is great for everything...... expect bikes.
    i like more to use oil solvent, or gasoline,.... its better, and the fact that wd40 can get into places that you dont want it,...


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    yea and never use WD-40 or any penetrating oil as chain lubricant! always wash off the penetrating oil and then use proper lubricating oil (chain oil) like tutdude98 says.
    penetrating oil will ruin your chain otherwise.