BikeAid D4E1

Introduction: BikeAid D4E1

The bicycle help was created for a project called 'design for everyone' from the West Flanders college of Applied Sciences. Each group consists of a few product design and occupational therapy students. We were instructed to make a bicycle help for Sander.

A few years ago Sander lost the fingers on his left hand. He manages to cycle quite well, but he does not have much stability. Before the accident, he liked going mountain biking. Now that is no longer possible for him, it is our job to make this possible again. We have created a simple solution that everyone should be able to make.

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Step 1: What Do You Need?

- 3D printed part

- Hot water

- Lasercutted mold

- Glue

- Silicon

- Metal Tube and plate

- Velcro straps

Step 2: Print the Flat Shape

Download and 3D print in PLA this flat shape.

Step 3: The Connection

Buy a metal tube with the diameter of the handle of your handlebar in the do-it-yourself shop. Saw off a piece of about 3 to 4 inches. Then make a metal plate of 4 by 3 centimeters. Drill 4 holes in the metal plate that correspond to the holes on the printed piece. Now weld the ring and the plate together

Step 4: Attach the Connection

Screw the metal ring onto the printed part. Make sure it's properly secured

Step 5: Form the Print

To form the printed piece around your hand you do not need much. Pour some warm water (above 70 ° C) into a bowl and soak the printed piece for a few seconds. After a few seconds you will see that the printed piece has become deformable. Now you can bend it to the desired shape of the hand.

Step 6: The Silicon

we use the silicone so that the hand is better protected against shocks. Sander's arm is sensitive that is why we used the silicone to absorb shocks.

To make this you first have to lasercut this template. Then you glue both parts nicely over each other. Afterwards you pour it up with a silicone mixture that you can buy in the hobby shop. Let the silicon dry for at least 2 hours.

Step 7: The Straps

Buy some wide velcro strips in the hobby store. Insert the ends through the holes of the printed piece and sew them together. This allows the user to tighten the whole more so that it is properly secured.

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