Bikeskills: How to Ride Steep Terrain




This brief instructional video from will help you master steep terrain. Always wear a helmet and appropriate safety gear any time you ride a bike and especially when you are learning a new and/or applying a new skill.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    These videos do address some technical details, but they are not specific at all such as: Which brake to favor at what time When to pedal against what gear while braking When a short skid will prevail When a front or rear skid benefits control while still retaining environmental protection Selective weight-transfer and how much per wheel Coping with under-steer off-saddle and on-saddle Properly landing a jump with brakes and weight-transfer Doing all of the above at speed These videos have some pointers, but do not address the nuances of actually controlling a bicycle with marked skill because they omit the most specific points of control. If I could ride a bike again, I would give a video worth shooting, not this noise that makes it look so simple. This is "made for tv", not really promotable as an instructional or teaching video. Let's see a homemade video of the real thing instead of a condensed version from someone who makes it look easy when the specifics are not when the going gets tough. Without the specifics, this really doesn't teach anybody anything.

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    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    I suppose the most important thing about the comment above is the disclaimer "if I could ride a bike again..." Bikeskills has conducted over 2,000 clinics around the world and our videos have been uploaded (by users) on thousands of websites - including over 60 related cycling and sports sites. For more information about what Bikeskills is all about, please visit where we can and do ride bikes.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    So my disability as a result of a car accident that has chained me to a cane for the rest of my life somehow diminishes the cycling skills I once was able to use? I was merely suggesting that the videos you submit show more than just someone performing the "stunt", but actually detailing something more specific. Well said....Nicely done....Your callous elitism is duly noted...I'll tell that to ex-cyclists in wheelchairs that were hit by a car, that their skills are no longer valid advice either, despite experience exceeding the current age median of you and yours at "bikeskills"..."where they can and do ride bikes"...