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Me and my girlfriend like to leave each other small puzzles, This is an adaptation of one I was left in a valentines card.

Binary code is ace.

It is the base 2 yes/no foundation of contemporary computers.

Luckily you don't need to know what every bit is used for to enjoy the benefits of this foundation.

Step 1: Generate Your Binary

I think the easiest way to generate a binary sequence of text is to find a binary code generator online and use it.

I wanted to create a follow up to the original message my girlfriend left me (I love you) so my binary translates to "I love you more"

Step 2: Copy the Binary Into a Graphics Package an Play Around a Little

Copy the binary into a graphics package and edit the text to look good.

I chose to create lines featuring 2 binary characters.. (the sets that make each letter) ((there probably not called characters)) and then gave them a standardized spacing.

Step 3: Work Out What Letters You Want to Change Using Pixel Art

I used an online pixel art maker to help work out which letters to change the color of.

I knew the text was 8 lines tall, I subtracted 2 to allow for a boarder and then created a heart. then I created a U shape before taking a screenshot.

Step 4: Pate, Reduce Opacity and Change the Color of Your Text

Paste the pixel art you just created onto your binary image and reduce its opacity to allow you to see the binary and the pixel art together.
Adjust the pixel art so that one pixel is equal to / lines up with the 0's and 1's
Using this semi translucent lair as a guide highlight and change the color of your text to suet.

Step 5: Hide the Pixel Art and Give Yourself a Background

Hide the pixel art and give yourself a background

I find that the high contrast of white makes it more difficult to see any color variation. By adding a gray background you can increase the definition of the red heart whilst reducing the impact of the black.

Step 6: Place Your Puzzling Message Somewhere Where Your Audience Will Find It

At one point I exhibited information rich art in different gallery. I enjoyed adding details like this into my work.

I think something like this would look ace printed onto a mug or t shirt. personally I am leaving this little graphic in a secret place where its likely to be found and will create a nice smile.

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