Binder Clip Gun


This is the EASIEST gun I've looked at yet. A must read.

!!!Use Caution When Firing!!!

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Step 1: Getting the Parts You'll Need

You'll need:

1 elastic
3 binder clips
1 piece of wood; aprox. 8 in long, 1/4 in thick, 3/4 wide.
??? projectiles aprox. 3/4 in wide

!!!Use Caution When Firing!!!

Step 2: Set Up the Elastics

You will need:

1 elastic
2 binder clips

simply put the elastic ALL THE WAY in the binder clips. Pull binder clips apart.

!!!Use Caution When Firing!!!

Step 3: Adding Last Binder Clip

You will need:

1 binder clip
1 piece of wood

Simply put the binder clip and put it ALL THE WAY on the end of the wood.

!!!Use Caution When Firing!!!

Step 4: Putting It All Together...

Use caution here... It is HARD!!

Take your elastic-bound binder clips in one hand. And your wood thing in your other. Clip the one binder clip to the OPPOSITE end of the wood that the third binder clip is on.

You should have this...

Step 5: Loading...

This is a VERY tricky part...

Take the free clip and slide the lower 'handle' along the wood towards the empty binder clip.

Then squeeze the empty clip 'handles', so that you can slide the other clip 'handle' under it.

You should end up with something like this.

!!!Use Caution When Firing!!!

Step 6: Let's Shoot This Bad Boy.

Sorry I don't have a video. but I WILL show you the results after shooting a Lego man at a sheet of paper.

Take your SINGLE projectile and put it in front of the drawn clip. Then grab the gap between the drawn clip and the holding clip. Squeeze the holding clip. And you should hear a *thump* as your projectile hits a wall.

!!!Use Caution When Firing!!!

Step 7: Tips and Tricks

Here I will list ALL the tips and tricks I have for this...

Tip #1

See that 'handle' on top of the drawn pin?? Look through the loop and line up with the tip of the other handle at the opposite end. Bam, you have yourself a sight.

Tip #2

At the end clip lower the bottom 'handle' and use it as a stand. Bam, you have yourself a tripod.

Tip #3

None at the moment.

!!!Use Caution when Firing!!!



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