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This is great in class if your done your work early, Its small and easy to make.
Materials :
Binder (Cardboard and plastic one)
4 Pins/Thumtacks
Hammer or Pliers
Elastic Bands


Step 1: Remove the Metal Bindings

 This is the most difficult step, The binder i used had two small metal poles connecting it at the top and bottom. First cut a part of the plastic off the middle up to the metal, then cut the cardboard. Trim it down until its very small, and then cut a small circle around it and remove it, try to leave as much of the last layer of plastic as possible. Repeat for the other side. Tape on both sides the hole.

Step 2: Removing the Pouches (Optional)

This step is optional, they dont makes much of a difference, your binder might of not even come with pouches.  This step is straight forward you just cut it off.

Step 3: Insert the Pins

For this step, you could use a couple different things, like wooden pegs, but i found thumbtacks to work just fine. Insert a pin into each corner and then bend the point flat to the side using pliers or a hammer, make sure its sturdy and wont fly off.

Step 4: Put the Elastic Bands on It

Almost done! Take some elastic bands, preferably big ones, and attach them from pin to pin, i used one elastic for the bottom and top, but for the sides it wasn't big enough, so i weaved then together to make it longer. you could tie them together instead, or use something else, like yarn.

Step 5: Fold It Up and Take It to School

Now that your done, put a marbel in your pocket, pack up the elastics (or leave them on), go to school and finish your work early!



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    2 years ago

    im doing this for a projet


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    You can use what ever works good for a puck, like a little paper ball or tape ball, or bring a marbel. And you can use a pencil or flick it with your finger, or even a ruler. What evers availible :)