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Introduction: Binders : Know It All

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Hello, In my earlier instructable about keyloggers I mentioned about how people create invisibly installing key-logging packages and then they bind them with other commonly used softwares, But I could not explain about binders and crypters in depth so in this instructable we are going to learn about Binders.

Please do not use any of the informations provided here for illegal activities.

Step 1: Let's Know About Some Binders.

I used a number of application that are used for binding two or more files( Like Chrome Crypter, BinderEasy, Stealth Crypter,e.t.c. ).

But, more than half of them don't function at all.

Well finally I found one that I was looking for "BinderEasy" (Worked for me). You can download it here.

Step 2: Understanding What Binders Do.

Simply we can say that binders merges two or more applications.

For example, if I bind a auto installing keylogger with another application like Microsoft Groove. And then, when I run the Binded file the keylogger installs silently and I would even don't know that a software has been installed in background. (Cool Right?)

Step 3: Using the Binder.

Once you have downloaded the BinderEasy, Simply run and select the applications to bind together.

You can even add some error message (From the settings menu) to display when the binded files run.

Step 4: Ways to Detect and Resist Binded Files.

The full proof way to resist installation of any unwanted programs from binded files is to get softwares and programs from trusted and authentic sources directly.

Well, softwares that are binded don't have authentic certificates. So, How to look for certificates of programs? Just right click the program and navigate through Properties>Digital Signatures.

If you don't find certificates of authenticity it's not recommended to install the software. However if you still want to install suspicious programs safely then you can use Virtual platforms like SandBoxie or Virtual Box.

Thanks for reading.

Please don't use any of the information provided here for illegal activities.

Further questions and suggestions are welcome.



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