Binocular Mobile Phone Mount.




Introduction: Binocular Mobile Phone Mount.

UPDATE: High Resolution Images available

This tutorial will include the construction of a sled mount capable of merging a vintage Fuji Variomatic Binocular with a Mobile Phone Camera. Using a binocular lens has many advantages including tack sharp optics, increased brightness, Depth of Field and of course the possibility of zoom.

My intention for this Sled mount is to unite both Binocular and Mobile Phone into a device capable of supporting high quality Images and Video.

Material used will include:

11x14in Stiff Black Cardstock, about 1/16in thick
Mobile Phone
Phone Sleeve Bumper Case
Hole Punch
Rubber Cement
Rubber Band

Pieces Made:
(2) Support Frames
Lens Sleeve
Mobile Lens Support
Sled Body

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Step 1:

*Support Frames*
1. Start by marking, along the longest  side of the 11x14 Cardstock, two 1cm strips. If using a bumper make this about 8mm. By making the strips thinner then the Bumper Case Frame we will use this as a sled channel to hold the phone in place.

*Lens Sleeve*
2. Measure the depth of the Binocular Eye Piece. A snug fit will help assimilate the Mobile Phone with the Binocular.

3. Mark a strip about 1.25in wide with divisions set 1cm apart. We will use these divisions as markers to fold a smooth curve. Depending on your type of Binocular there will be notches on the Eye Piece for Grip. Measure the Width between each notch and use those measurements for the above directions. I ended up with 1.25in width, ~16cm long, 9mm division, with a total of 15 divisions and 16 sides.

Step 2:

*Mobile Lens Support*
4. Again measure the rough diameter of the Binocular Eye Piece, and create a circle on the cardstock. Using the above measurement, marking 1cm along the circle to create shape with 16 sides. Create Flaps, same length as Lens Sleeve width, extending out from the 16 sided shape on every other side to create the supports that will connect to the Lens Sleeve.

Step 3:

*Sled Body*
5. Trace around your phone and leave a 1/16in border to compensate for when the Cardstock will be folded. Along the sides of your phones outline, leave a 1cm flap to allow connection with Support Frames. I kept the flap on the side with the buttons directly below the ( - ) Volume Button to allow for an instant stopping point. This helps with a consistent image viewing.

6. On the opposite side of the camera, mark an area to be cut out for easily gripping your phone to remove.

7. Trim all your pieces

Step 4:

8. Take (1) Support Frame and place right below ( - ) Volume Button and fold along the curve to the bottom then onto the other side. try and keep the curve fold as smooth as you can, this will help hold the phone in place.securly.

Step 5:

9. Select Sled Body and use the edge of the scissor to help crease the Cardstock for a crisp fold.

10. Place bent Support Frame between Mobile Phone and the Sled mount. With Sled Body Flaps Folded up, back the Mobile Phone/Support frame unto the bottom Flap in its final placement. While Pinching the Sides of the Sled Body Flaps, to hold it in place, Rubber Cement the bottle flap to the Support Frame. Remember while gluing anything together, coat both side with Rubber Cement.

Step 6:

11. Continue to affix Sled Body flaps to Support Frame with Rubber Cement. Trim excess Support Frame where Sled Body flap ends.

12. Finish off the Sled Body by Rubber cementing the second Support Frame around the outside of the Sled Body flaps.

Step 7:

13. Mark roughly, on the sled body, where the Mobile Phone camera will show though and punch a hole big enough for clear camera viewing.

Step 8:

14. Crease both the Mobile Lens Support flaps and the Lens Sleeve divisions. Insert hole punch on the open sides of the Mobile Lens Support, and punch a hole big enough for proper alignment of Binocular Lens and Mobile Phone Camera. Fold the Lens Sleeve into a ring and fit around Binocular Eye Piece, trim to a fit, and tape in that shape. Rubber Cement every other side on the Lens Sleeve along with the inside of the Mobile Lens Support flaps. Affix both together forming a round cup with a hole in the bottom.

Step 9:

15. With both Sled Body and Mobile Lens Supports complete, next comes the fine placement. With the Mobile lens Support on the Binocular Eye Piece, place the Sled Body with Mobile Phone Camera enabled atop the Binocular. With some visible light, you will be able to adjust  the Sled Body around to get dead center placement. Mark with pencil the exact location. Finally Rubber Cement Inside areas of Sled Body placement markings along with the Sled body in contact with the Mobile Lens Support.

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6 years ago

I agree with joshabgvghn


6 years ago

This is well thought out - I simply used rubber bands and a juggling act to hold everything together long enough to take shots of ships just over 8km away. I'll be giving this a try for sure. PS. I don't get the fascination with video - personally I can't stand it - much rather have a reference source printed than backwards and forwards on video. Thanks for this one.