Astrophotography & Binocular Phone Mount

Introduction: Astrophotography & Binocular Phone Mount

About: Hi Brothers and Sisters. This is Sachin Kawale, Married 33 years young Man. I love Technology, Gadgets and love to do new things on my own.

Now days watching stars in night maybe tuff as increasing light pollution effects the field view. Here I am showing my techniques of sky watching.

Step 1: Buy Binocular

Buy any binocular which you efforts.
Minimum 10x50 Preferred.
I buy my one for $9(Rs.600/-)
Don't buy low quality binocular as mine
After Sometime It Starting Pain for eyes. As I don't have the that much budgets so my choice are limited.

Step 2: Tripod Holder

Remove front tripod mount cap given to binocular .
Get a fit long aluminium or steel 2 to 3 cm wide plate, bend it to center.
Drill One Hole on Upper side
One Hole on downside

Step 3: Mount Binocular on Tripod

Mont it . and make it hold binocular properly.

Step 4: Mounting Mobile

Fix your phones camera on eyepiece of binocular. Fix them for steady view by adding Rubber bands or zip ties.

Step 5: Check on Your Mobile

Adjust the phone if needed for better view. Shoot or Snap can take.
I have 808 preview.
If u shoot video 360 resolution u can get more magnification than binocular
Thus maybe adding camcorder will give u telescope view of things

Step 6: Now Astro Photography

By applying iso to high in manual mode u will get night sky photos like mine. pls play with different setting of manual mode .
Go to Camera Mode
there are 3 options
Automatic, Scenes, Creative
Go In Creative Mode
Choose Preview In Sensor Mode Setting
Resolution - 5mp
Aspect Ratio - 16:9
JPEG Quality - Choose Normal or Super Fine
Colour Tone - Normal
Capture mode - Bracketing Mode
Chosen No of Images 3 and
Exposure to - 2.0
In Interval Mode
No of images - choose wisely
min interval to 15 to 30 sec
Now Set all other things to High
like Saturation

Video magnification in 360 resolution can Sirius star and all Other Bright Stars Closely
I watch Sirius , Galaxies in Orion Constellation, moon, All Stars of Canis Major, Great Nebula, All Stars of Orion
All Constellation, Stars From Canis Minor, Plelades Nebula & One see all milky way from this. I shoot video most of this star , But tracking them is continuously is pain. Also my tripod is cheap quality .If i Thinking about touching tripod It gets vibrate......haaaaaa. so I put some nearby big stones as counterweight
All done

Congratulation Now u can do astrophotography.

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    5 years ago

    Thanks Uncle for your valuable comments.

    Uncle Kudzu
    Uncle Kudzu

    5 years ago

    Great idea! Brilliantly simple. Astrophotography has always seemed complicatedly out of reach, but this would make basic pictures accessible to lots of people. Thanks for sharing!