Bio Sand Water Filter

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Getting pure water for drinking is one of the biggest challenge in survival,so here it is a instructable to make a compact small water filter made from plastic bottle.By this filter we can easily remove dust,bacteria from water during surival.

3.STONEs(5mm to 15mm)size
STONEs(2mm to 5mm)size

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Cut the bottom side of the bottle to pour dirt water and to put stones

now drill a hole on the bottle cap to get filtered water out


Before using the sand and stone it should be be cleaned properly by using some detergents and wash all the dirt's from stone and from the sand.

Step 3: MAKING

Now its time to place sand and stones into the bottle
~first put the large stone into the bottle up to 8cm
~And put small stone above big stones of 8cm
~now add sand above the small stones of 8cm or more
~open the bottle cap and place some cotton and close the bottle with bottle cap which was drilled


Now check the filter by pouring some dirt water at the top layer of the filter,.
The sand at the top layer will filters off dust's,dirt,and bacteria from the water .
Two layers of stone will filter off the sand at the top layer to the water at out.
The cotton at the bottle lid is finally to make sure of filtering sand and dust at water out.
Now we can get purified drinking water

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    1 year ago

    how long we can use this bottle setup?. should we change the cotton daily?

    will it remove salt and hardness from water


    This is a neat idea, however, you should only use this type of filter in case of an emergency. Sand filters are commonly used in water treatment, but most of these are more than half a meter deep (~1.5ft). Also, according to the W.H.O. ( this type of filter does not remove all pathogens. They are simply too small and slip around the grains of sand. Still this is much better than drinking the water without filtering. Thanks for sharing!

    2 replies

    I agree. This would be great for pre-filtering the water before purifying it using heat (boiling) or chemicals. I would rather have this as well as those to keep from drinking the sediment in the water. I agree with anders625, that charcoal (I assume you mean activated charcoal) would give an added level of filtering. Even so, I would add a good boil or some chemical treatments, if possible, to ensure that I was safe. However, in an emergency, I would rather drink the filtered water and ignore the chance of getting some digestive bug. When help arrives, you can take something for that.