Biodegradable Flower Pot

Introduction: Biodegradable Flower Pot

About: I am Mateo Milicevic and I live in Dugo Selo (small town near the Croatian capital city - Zagreb). I am a student of the Mechanical Engineering School of Faust Vrancic and I have 17 years. I like to make thi...

Ordinary flower pots are usually after use thrown away or keept for other flowers and create a mess and creates environmental pollution. The pots that we plant in the earth become degradable in nature and serve as:1. pots, 2. compost. Additionally, thenumber of ordinary pots that were thrown into the environment would be reduced. Flower pots consist of PLA material are biodegradable in nature and they are obtained from corn starch so they are not harmful to the environment. Flower pots consist od PVA material are degradable in water.

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Step 1: Designing in SketchUp

I've designed this in SketchUp, but you can use another designing programs. My dimensions are not as great as you might think, but you can increase them. My dimensions are: 36x18x20mm. SketchUp is very easy program for designing and is great for learning for children and adults.

Step 2: Convert the Model in G-Code Using Cura

I use Cura because I've been printing models on the Ultimaker 3D printer in local FabLab in Croatia and the models are great. Big thanks to FabLab Croatia!

Settings in Cura:

printer: ultimaker 2+ (depends on which printer you are using)

nozzle: 0.4mm (depends on which nozzle you are using)

material: PVA (depends on which biodegradable material you are using - the bests are PLA and PVA)

profile: fast print - 0.15mm

leyer height: 0.15mm

infill: 20%

print speed: 60mm/s

travel speed:150mm/s

support structure: yes

Step 3: Printing on Ultimaker 2+ or Another 3D Printer

Printing takes about 40 minutes and you spend about 0.6 meters of filament. The temperature of the hotbed is about 50 degrees celzius and the nozzle temperature is 200 degrees celzius.

Step 4: ¸

This is how it looks like when we finished printing.

Step 5: Planting Plants in Your Flower Pot

In a flower pot you can plant flowers by placing earth and flowers in the pot. After a while the pot serves as compost for the flower. Flowers or other plants that you plant are treated according to the conditions required for survival (temperature, humidity ...) of such plant species.

Step 6: The Material and Tools We Use to Make It


you can use PLA, PVA or other materials which are degradable in nature.


1. SketchUp - you can download it free on your MAC / Windows laptop or compunter

2. Cura - you can download it free on your MAC / Windows laptop or compunter

3. Ultimaker or another 3D printer

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    2 years ago

    That's a good idea :) I like using fiber biodegradable planters for our seedlings. This way you could get a better custom size though.


    Reply 2 years ago

    Swansong, thanks for your support