Bionicle General Grievous 2.0!!!





Introduction: Bionicle General Grievous 2.0!!!

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Well you all asked for it. So here it is! a new Grievous with better colors and is more bony like: just like the real one! It's going to be part of a series of Grievouses(I don't know if thats spelled right). This Grievous has better light sabers, is more accurate colorwise and lokks more bone like. CONS: it's not without its problems though. It is a little short, where as the real Grievous was very tall. The body also seperates pretty easily at the middle.

Step 1: Legs

Here you add the legs. This steps not very hard so you should be able to follow the pictures.

Step 2: Body

This step is a little harder but not much. You still should be able to follow the pictures.

Step 3: Lightsabers

These are the new and improved lightsabers. They look realistic and the length can be ajusted. But they do break off easily at the handle.



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    unbluriness is the key to getting highlighted, i suggest getting a tripod

    Darn. It didn't take as long as I thought for someone to figure out how to read it.

    Uh I opened the .pdf file and it said what the note was in the Image Notes section ;P

    You figured out how to read a box in a box! oompa-loompa beat me to it, but I won't tell you how I did too.