Bionicle Ghost Rider




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This Instructable is on how to make a bionicle Ghost Rider. It's made from Vezon from the set Vezon and Fenrhak, Jaller, Takadox, and Toa Tahu.

Step 1: The Body

To make the body use Vezon. First take off his head and cape. Then take off all of the armour. Sorry there are no pictures for this part:-(. I did take pictures but I can't find them.Follow the image notes for the rest of this step.

Step 2: Hands and Head

For this step you will need Jaller and Toa Tahu. Follow the image notes for this step.

Step 3: Spikes

You need Takadox for the spikes. This is the easiest step, since nothing needs to be taken apart. Once again follow the image notes.



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    2 years ago

    Wow your bionicles are kind of cool

    Jaller...The Jamalam

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Just to get more popularity. I thought it would be hard to get popular with the only Bionicle's on the site.