Bionicle MOC Needs a Name.

Introduction: Bionicle MOC Needs a Name.

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I am JWDIYguy, I have designed this Bionicle moc. I have no idea what to call him. I built him while watching Doctor Who so that is why he may look like the inside of a Tardis, to an extent. So please help me name him and I might decide to post an instructable on how to make him. He is no that easy to make, a bit on the fragile side as well, very flexible with pose-able fingers. He is 9 1/2 inches tall which is 24.3 cm also a head taller than Toa Vakama.

Update 8-26-15: His name is Takorno, the Pakari (type of mask) made me think too much of Takua.



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    I used various parts from my Lego collection; mainly technic and bionicle parts. I also used rubber tires to give him a neat look, as well as rubber bands to hold a few parts together.

    What parts did you use to create this?