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Introduction: Bioshock Elizabth Choker

The bird it is..

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Step 1: References

First things first: get some good images to help you get everything right!

Step 2: The Ribbon

You'll need:

- a blue-greyish leather or other piece of fabic about 3-3.5cm high and long enough to fit around your neck.
- white bias tape (2x lenght of your blue fabric)
- white fabric marker to create the pattern (mine was actually a 3d contur effect maker <3)
Step 1:

Glue the white bias tape onto the back side of your colored fabric. Be sure to let it overlap a bit so you can see the white thin stripe from the front (pic4).

Step 2:

Let's paint!
I recreated the pattern from the original design and will use this as help.

*If you would like to have the pattern feel free to ask me

Step 3:

I clipped a jewelry piece (pic7/8) onto each short end of the choker ribbon by using a pair of tongs and to have smooth edges and be able to close everthing later on(pic9).
you should be able to get these pieces from ebay or you jewelry and beads shop.

Step 3: The Brooche

to do the brooche of the choker I created a 3d model of it and printed it (via

I am offering this printed brooche part for sale - 13€+shipping!

Besides, you'll need:

- a pin
- a print out of either the bird or the cage
- glue
- silver/metallic permanent marker
- a glas cabochon/gem stone 30x40mm
Step 1:

painted the brooche with silver permanent marker,twice.pic3

Step 2:

glued the print out into the dried brooche and used some simple crafting transparent glue to coat it 3-4 times. pic5

Step 3:

using jewelr transparent glue to fix the glas gem into the piece and secure it.pic6

Step 4: Ribbon+brooche

I superglued the jewelry pin onto the back of the brooche to be able to attache it to the chokers fabric

Step 5: Finished Choker of Elziabeth From Bioshock Infinite

There you go! The choker is done! :3

Cosplay photos will follow soon...hopefully :D
For more cosplay and WIP related stuff check out my other instructables ot visit me on facebook via Kion Cosplay .

You can also find me on etsy

Have fun creating stuff!

Step 6: Commission Open

Elizabth Comstock/Anna DeWitt Cosplay choker
Bioshock Infinite
Kion Cosplay

Bird..or Cage..?

Well, whatever you choose I can make you one!

BioShock Infinite Elizabeth cosplay brooch. I am taking commission for this jewelry.

- Brooch only or Brooch and choker

Interested? Simply write me here, on etsy or visit me on facebook via Kion Cosplay

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    4 years ago

    This is so good! What did you use to clasp it together? Like a chain or something and I would love it if you also showed us hot to do it :D

    Kion Designs
    Kion Designs

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Hello Anne,
    thx for your question. I added a few more photos to STEP 2 to show you how I solved the problem of being able to close the choker. hope this is helpful enough :)