Bioshock Infinite Shock Jockey Vigor Bottle

Introduction: Bioshock Infinite Shock Jockey Vigor Bottle

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Step 1: Attention

This instructable is still in progress. Check back for updates as they are published

Step 2: Materials

1)Suitable bottle- I used an empty salad dressing bottle but anything with a squarish shape or at least as flat front will do
2)2-3 inch screw/nail/bolt- for connecting topper to bottle
4)paper mâché- 1 to 1 mixture of flour and water. Half a cup of each should be more than enough for thrush project
5)paints- royal purple, a golden yellow and a dark grey are what I used
6)cardboard or stuff paper- only needs to be strong enough to give shape to paper mâché
7)plastic figurine(this is the hardest)- I used a one from my old army set. Any one that can be cut or shaped into a riding position
8)glue- pretty much any kind will do

Step 3: Prepare Bottle

1)To remove the label, you can soak the bottle overnight. The label should be much easier to scrape off
2)paper mâché the bottle- you really only need to do the bottom for the crystals to stick, but doing the whole thing makes it look more uniform
3)allow plenty of time to dry/ harden- I found it easiest to do in daily steps, letting it dry overnight
4)begin forming crystals-crumple the newspaper into marble sized wads before dipping them into the liquid, squeeze some of it out and press them onto the surface of the bottle. It is better to do this step on wax paper so as not to glue your bottle to your workspace
5) paint- once your bottle is the shape you want, begin painting. If it has a screw on cap make sure to leave the threads bare.
6) I waited to attach the label until I knew which side the bolt on the cap was facing

Step 4: Prepare Cap

1)use a screwdriver to punch a hole in the center of the cap, widening it to the size if the nail/screw/bolt you chose
(A golf tee would be an easier alternative to this, but I did not have one handy)
2)glue it in the right position and allow to settle
3) Create a lightning bolt stencil with this printout and use it to create two shapes out of cardboard
4)create a ridge in the center of your piece to give it a three dimensional shape. Basically, fold a long thin strip of cardboard so that when it is laid on its side forms a line along the center to the bolt, but not fully reaching the ends. Do the same for the other side
5)paper mâché the piece, filling in the large spaces with the crumple technique
6) do the same to the stake. So that it makes an almost conical shape with the opening on the bottom
6) paint cap an bolt gold

Step 5: Jockey Topper

This part is optional if the figure is too hard to find, but adds a cute feel to the piece
1)shape the figure to fit the bolt- I kept it in a clamp until it settled to the correct position on its own
2) paint figure grey and glue in place on the bolt

Step 6: Voila!

Use for cosplay, in a display case, or however you choose!

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