Bioshock Infinite: Undertow Vigor

Introduction: Bioshock Infinite: Undertow Vigor

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As I am cosplaying Elizabeth Comstock, I decided to create a tutorial on the process I used to create my very own version of the Undertow vigor from the video game Bioshock Infinite.

- Glass Bottle
- Silver Polymer Clay ~ My personal choice is 1130 - Silver, Sculpey brand
- Tracing Paper
- Mod Podge
- Blue Food Colouring
- Cork (Bottle stopper that fits the one you have chosen)
- Oven
- Various Sculpting Tools
- Small Paint Brush

Step 1: Template

Using the Undertow paper craft template (You can get here and the Pepakura program (You can get that here print out the first page on regular printer paper and trace the octopus form. If you wish, you can make the whole thing in paper craft, or continue on with this method.

Step 2: Modifications

Modify the traced pattern to the right size for the bottle you have chosen. If the bottle is larger, enlarge the traced image. Remember to include all the little details (Ex. The shaded areas, as this means you need to sculpt the clay up to give it texture/dimension.)

Step 3: The Clay

*Condition the clay so it becomes easier to work with. Start with half a block, and slowly add more clay. Depending on the size of the bottle you have chosen, you might need more or less clay.

*For those unfamiliar with polymer clay techniques, conditioning means to make it more malleable, roll it around in your hands, etc.

Step 4: Octopus Base

Take your conditioned clay and roll out a medium (Thick) sheet. Cut out your template and place it on top of the clay. Use your sculpting tools to cut out the basic shape of the octopus out of the clay. Roll up the excess clay and repeat the process (As you need two bases, one for each side of the bottle.)

In addition, print out the above image and keep it in a save place for future use. It acts like a label on the vigor bottle. and is located on either side, in the middle of the octopus heads.

Step 5: Preparing the Bottle

Here i have picked out a 375 mL Bombay Sapphire bottle of dry gin from the LCBO. Remove all labels from your chosen bottle. It is naturally tinted blue which saves me a step, but if yours is not, i will tell you how to tint it to make it a different colour. Then put the clay octopus base on the sides.

Tint Clear Glass
- Cover your work space with newspaper.
- Thoroughly clean the bottle of choice and remove all labels. Make sure it is completely dry before starting.
- You will need lots of food coloring in blue, or any colour of choice.
- Pour 3 parts Mod Podge and 1 part water into a pour-able measuring cup. Gradually add food coloring until you obtain a deep colour. Mix well.
- Pour a small amount of mix into the bottle and swirl around the sides. Cover the entire area on the inside of the bottle.
- Cover a paper plate with aluminum foil and place the bottle on it upside down. Wait a few minutes for the bottle to drain before flipping it over to rest upright.
- Let stand for around an hour.
- Put the bottle in the oven at the lowest possible temperature and bake for apprx. 20 minutes, or until the bottle is dry and transparent.
- Be careful when removing the gummy parts that may form.

Step 6: Refining the Shape

Cut out another octopus base for the other side of the bottle, and add or take away clay where you find it necessary. Attach the tentacles on the side of the bottle.

Step 7: Eyes

Form a piece of small clay into a small oval. Put this clay on top of the bump on the base. Press firmly so it doesn't fall off. Create vertical lines to heighten the eye effect. Retrace the eye crest on another piece of paper and cut it out. Roll out a thin piece of clay and cut out two crests for each eye. Repeat the process for the other side.

Step 8: Beak

To create the beak, roll out thin sausage shapes from the clay. Cut the roll to the desired length you would like for the beak. Place the smaller rolls on either corner of the rectangular mouth piece. Soften the edges so it blends with the clay base. Mark out with a sharp tool where you would like to place the horizontal details. Cut out a smaller piece of the roll and place this over the guidelines. Repeat for the other side and for the intersection of the beak and first tentacle.

Step 9: Tentacle Details

Create smaller ball shapes and flatten them slightly. Put eight on each main tentacle. Create an X pattern on each of them. Repeat for the other side.

Step 10: Logo

Use your Undertow logo print out from earlier to create the frame. Roll out another clay sausage and wrap it around the outside of the logo. Make it slightly larger than the image, because you will be adding the logo after the clay has been baked. Press some lines around the edge. Repeat on the other side.

Step 11: Rim

Once again, roll out a sheet of clay and wrap it around the neck of the bottle where it meets the spout. Smooth the edges to make it softer.

Step 12: Topper

Roll out some clay and adjust it so one tip is larger than the other. Curl the top around itself and curve the bottom. Put it on top of the chosen cork and press it in so it creates an outer lip for stability. You will not be baking the cork. Create suckers that line the innermost edge of the tentacle in the same way you did for the main octopus.

Step 13: Bake

Once you have finished all the details pertaining to your likes or dislikes, it's time to bake the clay. You have reached the final stretch! Congratulations for making it this far, i hope you have enjoyed it.

Sculpey needs to be baked at 275F for 15 minutes. The time and temperature will vary depending on the clay you have chosen. I put parchment paper at the bottom of a baking dish and baked according to the instructions.

Step 14: Details, Details, Details...

After the clay has cooled and hardened, take your preferred glue (I recommend E-6000) and attach the topper to the cork. While that dries, take dark grey or black paint and accentuate the natural shadows that fall on the clay areas. Slather your logo with Mod Podge and place it in the frame.

Step 15: Finished Product

Congratulations! You have successfully made the Undertow Vigor from Bioshock Infinite.

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Devoid Art
Devoid Art

3 years ago

that's really cool, and i love the gin part :D


5 years ago on Step 15

Great project! The only thing i would change is the sharpie at the end


5 years ago on Introduction

Nice job! i love it!

I can totally see using the clay as a mold base and making the octopus from pewter.

*totes inspired*