Bioshock..Big Daddy, Little Sister and Splicer

So what do you do when you ask your 6yr old daughter what to be for Halloween, and her reply is.. for me to be Big Daddy, her the "Little Sister" and the mom a "splicer.

I guess you better get building

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Step 1: Reference

This is only real picture I had to go off of for the suit. I did find a couple of websites of others that have built their suit, but not much for a DIY. I was pretty much flying by the seat of my pants

Step 2: Getting Started

All started with the pink foam panels from Home Depot, 4'x8' ¾" thick. I just put them down and cut to what I thought was a good size. Then I had pieces attached 90 degrees from the center one. Once that was in place, it took 27 cans of expanding foam in a can to get it to look like a big marshmallow. After the foam was hard, I sanded and trimmed till I got it to the shape I needed. The cardboard was in place for the head and my legs to stick through. Plus it helps keeping from using to much foam. You can see wants it sanded, I had the basic shape down

Step 3: Drill and Dome

Drill was poster board rolled up, covered in paper-mache, then coated in resin. With the resin wet, I threw some sand in to to give it a worn metal texture. As for the dome, I took a 24" exercise ball and covered half of it in paper-mache then resin. The ring is foam insulation board

Step 4: Trial Fit

Once the suit was sanded to shape, the hard part came to open it up to wear. I cut out a section in the bottom first, it goes on like a shirt. I then opened up the inside a little at a time in order to make it comfortable to wear. I attached a old backpack to the inside, and thats pretty much how you wear it. The whole suit also got coated in paper-mache and then in Fiberglass and resin

Step 5: Cage, Dome and Paint

Once I was happy with the fit. I started on the cage and ports for the dome. The cage was electrical conduit heated and bent to shape. The ports in the Dome are PVC plumbing parts. Thats how I see out to walk straight.
The paint is Hammered copper. Gives it that old diving suit look

Step 6: Leds

Big Daddy had red lights when he got mad. So I used battery powered LED strands that are for small Xmas decorations. They served 2 purposes.. 1 , it gave the effect that he was in protection/attack mode, and 2nd, people can't see me due to the lights shining in their face

Step 7: Jump Suit, Hand, Drill, and Rear Tank

Bought XXL disposable paint suits and sprayed painted them green, tried to make them look extra baggy. Has for the Drill, I bought a 12' cardboard concrete tube and cut it down to make the base for the drill. Flexible hosing is what goes around it to give it the cage look. the base of the drill has a opening to stick your arm in and hold it.
For the hand, I just made a big hand out of foam board and used conduit and foam for the fingers. A 2" PVC pipe goes into the base of the hand and that is what I hold to give the look of a bigger arm.
 The rear tank is the concrete cardboard tube. It attaches by hooks on the suit

Step 8: Little Sister

Made the syringe from a old gas pump handle off of ebay. Some plumbing parts, peanut butter jar, and a LED and you have it. Dress was purchased form Goodwill and torn up to look old and worn out. Little bit of fake blood doesn't hurt.

Daughter already worn to one event already.

Step 9: Different Views

You can see the paint job and my rivets around key locations. The rivets are glass beads/stones used in jars for decoration. I just hot glued them in place. The front lower shield is cardboard and the raised strips around the tank and shoulders is foam stripes overlaid w/ fiberglass. For the openings, I used foam pipe covers that is used over house A/C lines

Step 10: Finally Finished

Wife just bought a bunny mask and fake sickles from Walmart, added a little dried blood and done.

So here we are as a Bioshock family. Going to be busy doing Halloween custom contest and what not up till Halloween night.

I lost track of time and $$ on this project. I figure in the $400 range for the suit, most going to the cans of foam. Time...couple of months.
Right now, it sits…waiting.

As for getting it on. The cage comes off, its all friction fit into the couplers fiberglassed into the suit,. Once the cage is off, the dome unhooks and is removed, same with the tank on the back. Then the backpack straps are unhook and you lift it off, it weighs around 25-30lbs

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    21 Discussions


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Question: Why does your 6 yr old know about Bioshock? (at the time of this 'ible of course.)

    Still awesome btw.


    4 years ago on Step 10

    A lot of effort, but it looks amazing. Any pics of the syringe before painting? Any chance of spinning the rounded areas and leaving hollow to avoid all that foam and weight?


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Okay I am attempting to build a big daddy this year for Halloween. I have been a fan of the games since they came out and I wanted to do this for Halloween. It's also our anniversary and we enjoy challenging ourselves with what to come up with. I do have some questions and wanted to know if you would be willing to help. How many layers of paper mache did you do for the dome? Also I have looked at Volpins design of his big daddy and wanted to know what your guy's heights were so I can gauge how big I need to make this since my husband is almost 6' foot and I am going to be really making a huge one of these.


    5 years ago

    Awesome, wish I could come up with this in time for this Halloween, maybe next year

    OMFG!!! I thought those people making Halo costumes were geniuses.
    This is INCREDIBLE!!!


    6 years ago

    OMG that is so cool! Hey any idea how to make an evil nurse from 'Silent Hill'?


    6 years ago on Introduction

    the general design is great might wanna make the head just a tib smaller :3 but i love it aside from that


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Great Job!! You are definately th coolest family on the block.

    Makes me want to go back and make another one. I'm with Volpin on how to reduce the cost of the foam, I did the same thing and spent a fortune on expanding foam. I made a PVC Stand so that my Big Daddy Has a place of Honor in our Game room. After making something that Awesome you can't just hide him away in your attic. He will also make a great addition to your halloween display in the years to come. (^_^)


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Maybe because I run a haunted house people think it strange that I don't "get" references to movie characters, especially scary movie characters but even ones like yours. That doesn't detract from the fact that I think your costume is ultra fantastic, as is your daughters.. it's almost a shame to spend so much time on something that will get so little use but the creation process is it's own joy, especially when your daughter can work along you.

    1 reply

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    They're actually video game characters. The game is called "Bioshock" and it's a console and pc game.


    7 years ago on Step 2

    You may be able to cut down on the amount of foam used by blocking out more of the inside with cardboard baffles beforehand, like in my write up here. (4th pic down, around the leg and body sections) Filling in more than just the head and leg sections with cardboard means you'll spend less cash on the expensive spray foam.

    Actually, if I were to do mine again, I would use some Smooth-On 2-part expanding foam. Overall, it would be cheaper and it will provide a much more consistent density than the canned stuff.

    This is my favorite thing ever. If there isn't too much sentimental value attached to that suit once you're done with it you could probably make a killing on ebay before next Halloween.

    1 reply

    Ive thought about it, but its one of those things that it was a one of make, I don't know if I could pull it off again. But then again, if the $$ is right……LOL

    Honestly , I wouldn't even know where to start as for asking price.

    I wouldn't have a probably selling that Little Sister Syringe, its easy to make again


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you

    My wife played the splicer, should pic a pic of all 3 of us on the last step of my write up