Bipolar Stepper Motor Driver




To experiment the bipolar stepper motor with Arduino, many one will use L293 motor shield, unfortunately I cannot find one, I tried to build from alternate parts, luckily we still have the Google God to fulfill our wish, I got the circuit from Wiki, , to build the driver with MOSFET, because I can still find MOSFET in the market.

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Step 1: The Circuit Diagram

If you like you can surf the Wiki and find the circuit. as I don't create the circuit, so will not post here. What I've done was the circuit board with the MOSFET, I used 4 N type and 4 P type MOSFET soldered on a small multi purpose circuit board. This circuit required external power supply, do not taken from the Arduino board, but the ground connection does.

Step 2: Connect All Stuffs

With refer to the link , you can find the code and details, connect the PWM lines to the output pins, the motor coils, and external power (may be sourced over 1 ampere) , remember bipolar stepper motor has two coils with 4 lines, over 4 lines is unipolar stepper motor needs other driver.

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    3 years ago

    thnk you bro it was helpful i just want to refer that u need some diodes and some resistors to ur schematic u should read more about mosfets and their overload of curent and thank you again ^^


    4 years ago on Introduction

    8 wires is a universal stepper motor. They are called universal because you can wire them bipolar series, parallel, or unipolar. The trouble with all of these uC stepper drives is none of them use current feedback control. This makes them poor performers. I wonder if they even implement any sequence other than full step wave drive?

    Due to these shortcomings the utility of all of this is limited.