Birch Bark Bow Tie




Bring the outdoors to classy, with this birch bark bow tie. Easy to make and sturdy, this bow tie shows off the beautiful pattern of birch bark.

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Step 1: Cut

Cut your shape out of and entire thickness of brich bark, best using fresh cut birch logs.

*Do not cut off tree, it can harm a live tree*

I would recommend the inner bark backing to keep the right structure, but enough layers of the paper layer will do the trick. I would personally clean off the top layer of bark to have a cleaner finish, but if the weather/mossy/knarled suits you, go for it.

The shape we want to cut is shown in a picture, in total being 2x the desired bow tie width. Additionally, cut a long piece to use as a strap, or use another fabric/thread.

Step 2: Construction

After cutting the piece, you'll want to fold it over placing the two ends in the middle of the frontal section. Glue them, then wrap the straight front section in a small rectangular piece of bark. I used the dark base layer of the bark for a little contrast. Wrap you strap under this. Glue again, and you've finished the bow tie section.

Step 3: ​Show Off and Wear!

For the strap, you can use any design to fit it around you neck and secure, and I just fudged it. Look at other bowtie designs to figure out the correct way to do this. Now enjoy your natural woodsy bowtie!

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    2 Discussions


    2 years ago

    have you covered it with any epoxy or spray so it doesn't fall apart when it dries out? any ideas?


    2 years ago

    I love this look! What did you use to make the strap? more bark? or cloth?