Birch Bark Bracelet





Introduction: Birch Bark Bracelet

A cute and classy accessory to wear with certain occasions. Quick, easy, and a great gift.

Step 1: Cut

Cut your bracelet from a fresh cut birch log. Go all the way to the secondary layer, and the peel off. Take off any top layers that might get in the way, and avoid sections with knots.

Step 2: Attach

Using a glue, attach velro so you can close the bracelet around your wrist. Let it dry under pressure.

Step 3: Enjoy!

I'd love to see any combinations of clothing-birch bark that work well! Good luck.



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    2 Discussions

    Is the bark smooth enough to wear directly on one's wrist (without glueing cloth or something on the back)?

    1 reply

    It probably depends on the tree and bark, some bark has an incredibly smooth back side if take off a tree skillfully.