Birch Bark Paper

Birch Bark paper is a pretty and useful material, and bring some life to stationary! In this instructable, I will show you how to acquire some for yourself!

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Step 1: Sourcing


This bark peels from drying birch, so sourcing might be slightly challenging if you don't have local forests/access. Chose if you want moss, knots, or other highlights for your letter, or chose to have a clean writing surface.

Step 2: Split

Carefully and slowly peel away one layer from the base. Keep in mind that it's easy to rip from the edges and previously weak areas, and challenging to pull away the layer in the area of a know. You should work from all four sides to separate the paper. You may find it easier if you cut the entire piece to have straight and even edges, making peeling without tearing much easier.

Step 3: Write Away

Use your large sheet of paper to your desire! As letters, writing material, book insert, etc. Whatever your use, enjoy this natural paper!

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