Bird Bed & Breakfast

Introduction: Bird Bed & Breakfast

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Step 1: Materials

You will need:
box cutter
thick tube
hot glue gun

Step 2:

Use the tube, hot glue gun and the computer paper and glue the computer paper onto the tube so that it is completely covered in white paper. This step is only needed if you do not want your brown tube to show.

Step 3:

With the box cutter, cut 2 wholes big enough for a bird to come and nest, If you need help ask a parent or someone that knows how to use box cutters.

Step 4:

Next, use your recycled bottles an hot glue them to your tube, make sure that the bottles can fix over the whole that you cut.

Step 5:

Next, Take your foam board and measures the bottle so that you will know how big you need so that the bottles can fit. slide it down the tube so that it fits over the bottles make sure that you cut a whole into the board so that it can slide down. Cut the box shape and and cut the corners so that you can glue it on.

Step 6:

Repeat that step two more times until it fits the tube. 

Step 7: Finished Product

After you have completed step 5 two more times, so that the tube is completely covered put the bottom foam underneath the tube and glue it

Step 8: The Math

This shows all the math done on the project and how many bottles are saved

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Nice idea, where is the math! you did not show any calculations at all.