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This is a puzzle toy to keep your bird busy.

I've made one for our parakeet, but could be used with something bigger. For much bigger birds you will have to modify it. Our bird is skeptical of anything new, so I haven't been able to get pictures of him on it yet.

Step 1: What You Need

box top (Lily from a shoe box)
miniature dowels (tooth picks will work)
"flowers" (anything that can too your dowels for your Bird to pull on)


X-acto knife
glue gun

Step 2: Assemble the "flowers"

Start by poking the miniature dowels or tooth picks into the "flowers." I'm this case I'm using the little wooden shapes that came with the dowels from the hobby store.

(The wood pieces came naturally colored, my wife soaked them in food colored water for a few hours. She actually made them about a year ago and never used them, the color has held up really well).

Step 3: Poke Holes

Using an exacto knife cut holes evenly placed in your box too.

I found cutting three lines in an asterisk* like this one in the picture then using the dowel or tooth pick to poke through worked well.

Step 4: Place the "flowers"

Place all your assembled flowers for your Bird to enjoy pulling out. You can also add crumpled sheets of non-toxic paper strips, cut up straws, etc. and strategically placed millet to get your birds' attention.



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    2 years ago

    Ha ha, my bird would love this! She has a habit of savaging toys when she moults tho...