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Making life a little easier for the birds in your neighborhood is fun and helpful when you create a simple bird building station. Birds search for nesting material all over so why not make life a little easier for them by providing some helpful items? Once a bird builds a nest the work is not complete. Just like any other home, a safe and secure nest requires periodic maintenance through continuous upkeep. Many birds must continuously reinforce, repair, replace, and add to their nests. Creating a helpful place for birds to collect building materials from is a bird friendly activity.

Step 1: Collect Items to Build Your Station

Materials used to create this Bird Building Station:

  • 1 Small plastic basket
  • Light weight chain to hang basket from a tree
  • Twigs, leaves, pieces of string of various length, dog hair to soften the nest
  1. Use the chain to turn the plastic basket into a hanging basket.
  2. Hang the basket in a tree.
  3. Fill the basket with twigs, string, dog hair, or other appropriate materials a bird can use to build or reinforce a nest. Soft items, such as dog hair, are important for birds to use as bedding material to make the nest comfortable for the birds.
  4. Periodically check the basket to determine when you need to add more materials for the birds.
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    2 years ago

    Natural fiber dryer lint is often appreciated, too! :D


    2 years ago

    Birds will appreciate this! I put one too close to my house (attached to a window) so I like your tree idea better. Birds like pet bunny fur too! :) giving our outdoor neighbor's a little help is fun & a wonderful life lesson for our children too. Compassion for animals is important.

    1 reply